Ondi Madete

Ondi explores the concept of being, through the medium of artsy thought experiments. She’s done plays and made films and modelled ideas and taken pictures and made songs with people, and made songs with herself. She is an ardent people-watcher and asks lots of questions, hoping to hear a really good story. She’s always looking around for a good story. Right now she’s trying to understand music and sound. The psychosomatic effect of sound - vibration - on the observable universe is a fascinating concept to explore. She’s also been playing with storytelling through the lens of a camera, a gift from her sister.

how do you feel? is a multi-sensory interactive installation exploring the concept of identity and empathy. There are eight subjects and an at- tempt is made to recreate their identities through written, audio, visual, touch, and taste stimuli. These will be collected, curated and creatively explored by the artist to create multi-dimensional multi-sensory portraits of the subjects. The audience/participants will interact with the media and at the end of the experience create a portrait of the subject. The portrait can be visual, audio, a sketch, a poem, a print, anything they feel captures the identity of the portrait of the person they have just interacted with. These portraits will be added to the original portraits adding a layer to the dimension. The artists hope that the final result is an expansion of empathy.

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