Nanna Lysgaard Søgaard

Nanna Søgaard is a composer living and working in Copenhagen. She holds a master’s degree in Religious Studies from the University of Copenhagen. Nanna’s music is inspired by the sound of natural phenomena and by movement and texture. Sound as an organic and restless movement is a pervasive inspiration in her work. Working with sounding objects and organic instrumental sound expressions has led her to multidisciplinary works such as the poetic documentary film the ocean turns its blanc pages (2020), reflecting on the ocean and sailing by means of natural forces.

Fyrtårnet is a piece written for Grótta Island Lighthouse in Reykjavík. Five flautists and a clarinettist are placed on different plateaus of the lighthouse, creating at the same time embracing and distant sound field. Sounds flap around like birds, making every point of the room an individual sound experience. Fyrtårnet plays with the reverb created in this extraordinary construction, becoming a piece where the architecture itself performs. Complementing the drastic movements of sound surrounding Grótta, a windy and vibrant field is suggested by the flute and clarinet.

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