Marija Rasa Kudabaitė

Marija Rasa Kudabaitė is a musician and sound artist from Lithuania, living and working in Brussels. Her music centres around her interest in sonic fragility and structure that arise out of textural subtleties and sound spatiality. Currently, she is working on a series of acousmatic pieces for multichannel speakers system that she has begun to develop during her studies at the Institute of Sonology in The Hague. In these compositions, she carefully sculpts fictional soundscapes out of delicate noise, electronic sounds and field re- cordings of quiet places, attentively put together by using a micro montage approach. Her collaborations extend to diverse musical fields, from electroacoustic experimentation with the duo ugne&maria, with Ugnė Vyliaudaitė, to the electronic music duo Forgotten Plants, with Konradas Žakauskas. Marija is also a team member of les ateliers claus, an independent and multifunctional cultural platform for music and arts in Brussels.

2,3 KM
A piece in ongoing series of compositions in which recorded ‘silences’ from different places are used. After a few days of sauntering through Reykjavik’s windy lanes and alleys, misty harbours, and rocky coasts, greedily searching for quiet places, the recordings next to the Ingólfsgarður Lighthouse at five o’clock in the morning became the main axis of the piece. Added to the gestures already encoded in the recordings that contain endless dripping, swaying, and crackling there are new ones that are contracted by a micro-editing approach in time and space (octophonic sound). Gradually field recordings begin to mediate with ring-modulated signals, offering immersion in a vivid and unidentifiable soundscape.

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