Kristján Steinn Kristjánsson

Kristján Steinn Kristjánsson is an Icelandic multidisciplinary artist and musician. His work primarily focuses on the sensation of sound and experience. He transforms instruments into hybrids and modifies ordinary household items into playable instruments.
The source of his material is usually sound or something that produces sound, which he takes out of context and sculpts into a new reality. Which results in new sound and space experiences.
Alongside his art practice, he has been active in the Icelandic music scene as a member of the trap-pop trio Geisha Cartel as well with his solo project Plasticboy. He recently graduated from the ArtScience Interfaculty embedded between the Royal Conservatoire and The Royal Academy for Fine Arts in The Hague, where he is currently based.

Take a trip down the volcanic river of Elliðaárdalur. An audio-visual experience based on recordings of Elliðaár, a river in Reykjavík that has its source in the volcanic mountain range of Bláfjöll. The river has a strong sonic and visual presence within Elliðaárdalur, the valley the river flows through.

The composition starts with a pure field recording and gradually various frequencies are highlighted, using the sound of the river as an instrument to compose harmonies that lie unheard within the sonic environment – extracting what is already there and adjusting the balance of the frequencies. Creating harmony and resonating with the space.

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