Keya Hedlin

Keya Hedlin (1996) is a Swedish composer and musician who is currently finishing her two-year studies at Gotland School of Music Composition. She explores both instrumental and electroacoustic music and likes to combine different media and art forms to interplay. Her artistic ideas are usually conceptual: either with a theme or a question as a way of navigating the creative process. In her music, she usually plays with contrasts and expectations pushing and pulling on the scale between simplicity and complexity. She reflects on the audience in relation to the performer and the role of the composer/artist as to how they co-depend on each other.

The title can be interpreted as both metaphorical and direct. The idea that our decisions and actions from this one moment are ultimately going to affect the next, that will affect the next, the next, next and so on. Technically speaking, what the musicians play will be repeated as echoes. While hearing the live event you are also hearing the past seconds, which will affect the choices and evoke what comes next. We like to think that one thing naturally seems to lead to the other - although it’s not that simple. Even trying to calculate or imagine a logical chain of events from one seed, you cannot fully predict the outcome of what actually ends up happening, based on past - present - into future. Even trying to reproduce the exact same procedure, will not succeed. I invite you to just go along for the ride.

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