Frederik Heidemann

I make music and have been doing so for some years now. It gives me a chance to pursue my best and worst ideas and share them with people. My music is one thing one day, another thing the next. It seems to change every time I write these bios, but I think lately I’ve been trying to embrace that confusion, and the less I try to understand it, the more it makes sense to me.

7up & Pipesmoker is a 15-minute stereo piece performed by the composer. A trip down false-memory-lane, a computer-music epic. Told in two acts.
“High on adrenaline and his newfound wealth, he walked into the first corner store he saw. In the refrigerator, he grabbed a can of 7up. I can easily afford this, he thought and reached for a small bill tucked neatly between his front teeth.
Opening the can of soda he felt nostalgic as he hadn’t had a 7up since he was 10. His life felt profoundly different now, sipping soda on a curb with a mouth full of money.”

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