euroDYKE is a sound composer-poser-er and medicine developer, switched-on / birth{baby: true;} / in 1997, a child of Pentecost, living in Sweden but from “the continent”. While studying industrial medicine in Åmål (ici), she gained quark-stardom for her sound-sit-stand-hover-ins in the aptly named “Alvedome”* where she among others met composer Hekate Andersson (or did she?), who encouraged her to pursue sound composition more seriously. Since then, euroDYKE has performed at Outsound in Malmö, and has signed to the Charleville-Mézières-based record co-op Laine d’Ver! and released her uneponymous / title{display: none;} / EP to critical acclaim, being TikTok-praised by Anthony Fantano and lauded

by the Italian electroacoustic overunderground, among others. euroDYKE is currently studying electroacoustic music in Stockholm and delving into the de

eeeepths of

glitch, sound as therapy being the guiding principle in her endeavours.

[*a nice no-drone** zone]
[**drone as in the sometimes known and some- times unknown unmanned aerial vehicle]

euroDYKE and the holy Trinity/Experiments in sonic silence/Corboreal percushionism/A continuous learning in bodily turning/Intensification by being trapped within Fast Fatal Transforms/Anachronize your histories/Synthesize/Your sampled self/ Akaized/Stretched into spoonerized oscillations/ Grief; Unfeeling; Euphoria

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