Anders Hannevold

Anders Hannevold (1992) is a composer of contemporary music, a classical pianist, and a music pedagogue, currently residing in Bergen, Norway. Hannevold graduated in composition (MA, BA) at the Grieg Academy with prof. Dániel Péter Biró. Besides this, he also studied Japanese aesthetic philosophy, folk and contemporary music at Kyoto City University of the Arts with assoc. prof. Nakamura Noriko, and classical piano at Barratt Due Institute of Music with prof. Einar Steen-Nøkle- berg. As a composer, Anders has written for world-renowned artists and ensembles such as Stuttgart Neue Vocalsolisten, Fukuhara Sawako, and Ermis Theodorakis.
Being a frequently commissioned composer, he is a board member of Komponistkollektivet, the Norwegian Society of Composers, and chairman at nyMusikk Bergen. He also holds a membership at nyMusikks Komponistgruppe as well as being the in-house composer for Nordic Ice Theatre. As a classical pianist, Anders has been working freelance for more than 15 years. He has performed as a concert pianist, soloist, and in chamber groups with both classical and contemporary music groups. Due to his good sight-reading skills, musical phrasing, and attentiveness, Anders is also a sought-after accompanist.

This piece consists of verbal sound descriptions, bordering between the complex, impossible and non-sensical, in a heterophonic relationship with non-verbal sound. By emphasizing the sounds as a personal imagined construct, solely existing in the mind of the listener, the concept of the signifier and the signified takes a central role in the work, artistically exploring topics such as logo-centrism in Western philosophy, the naturalness of spoken language, and post- and de-structuralism, of the philosophers Jean-Jaques Rosseau, Jacques Derrida, and Ferdinand de Saussure.

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