Wilma Hultén

Wilma Hultén (1996) is a Swedish composer of both acoustic and electronic music.
She is currently studying at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. In her practice, she explores the layering of sounds, aleatoric techniques, spectral density, monotonous repetitiveness and slowly changing processes that let the music unfold on its own terms. With sound itself as the main inspiration, her music often conveys a sense of resting stability.

Everred is an ever-changing, yet repetitive web of rhythmical ambiguity, dancing notes and dense harmonic textures. Canonic subjects with short offsets obscure the sense of pulse. The piece moves seamlessly between shimmering melodies, airy harmonies and astringent sound masses. The music is glued together by innumerable phrase repetitions and a consistent, ceaseless eight-note division that alludes to minimalist phase music.

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