Victoria Seline Stokland

Victoria Seline Stokland is a composer and violinist based in Oslo. She studied at the University of Stavanger, the Norwegian Academy of Music and Guildhall School of Music and Drama. Her influences are often nature or sorrows and struggles of her own.
Her music has been performed by Ensemble 96, Plus-Minus Ensemble, Friction Quartet, Trondheim symphony orchestra, Guro Kleven Hagen and Eivind Ringstad, and she has also written a solo violin piece for the semi-finals round in Princess Astrid Music Award featuring international instrumentalists from all over the world.
Victoria hates writing biographies and would rather escape to the nearest mountain top with her dog. She is also weirdly dreaming of hosting a tiny concert in a cave.

Sjumillimeterssteg was written at the time Victoria did her exchange program at Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London. Sjumillimeterssteg is a play on the Norwegian word ‘sjumilssteg’ which means giant step. Sjumillimeterssteg is directly translated as “seven millimetre step”. The word sjumilssteg originally comes from fairy tales about boots (sjumilsstøvler) that give the ability to travel seven miles per step.

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