Tine Surel Lange

Arctic landscapes, surrounding sounds, mythologies, and sound choreography are some of the inspirations that shape the works by the Norwegian composer and interdisciplinary artist Tine Surel Lange (b. 1989, Vesterålen, Norway). Based in Lofoten, Northern Norway, her work is rooted in organic material – with a focus on listening, space, and how connotations colour how we listen to and experience art. Lately, she has been focused on sound choreography, 3D sound, sounding objects, sound for scenic productions, and creating conceptual works for sound and image – fascinated by magical realism and the coming doom of the human race.

4 channel video installation (5:30 min), 4 channel sound, plastic, 2022
An abstract portrait in four chapters that each represents different stages of Mrs Alving from Henrik Ibsen’s “Ghosts”.
This audio-visual installation was created as a prelude the audience had to pass through before entering a contemporary opera interpretation of Henrik Ibsen’s “Ghosts” from 1881 by the Czech theatre company JEDL. Finding my way into the story - a complex portrayal of the discourse of power and the rules imposed on us by society (still relevant today), and an attack on conventional morality and the results of hypocrisy - the character and storyline of Mrs Alving caught my attention with her many layers and different stages of development. She is entangled in a web of secrets rooted in the past, a web stretched to the limit and beyond, until it finally bursts, pouring out, forcing the characters involved to learn more about their past and choose how to deal with the present (and future).
Commissioned by The JEDL Theatre Company, Czech Republic, 2022, within the project Play Ibsen! Theatre Play with Accompanying Programme, supported by the EEA Grants 2014-2021.

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