SLEDGE DUO was formed in 2020 by Anton Lind- ström (1999) and Jakob Thonander Glans (1998) while studying composition at the Academy of Music and Drama in Gothenburg. The duo focuses on outlandish setups often including electronics, objects and prepared instruments while most of their works are based on open scores and improvisation. SLEDGE DUO was formed on the basis to perform and create experimental music with a playful and non-academic approach – often with high tempos and extreme dynamics – inviting the audience to experience contemporary music as something potentially comical, chaotic and in-the-moment. Anton Lindström is a Swedish composer/ performer from Gothenburg, currently studying for a master’s degree in composition in Copenhagen. His music has been performed in many European countries as part of various contemporary music festivals and events. Much of his music consists of meticulously handwritten scores for acoustic instruments based on original and playful set-ups, but Anton is also very active with electronic music and with his synthesisers. Jakob Thonander Glans is a Norwegian composer/performer from Oslo, currently living in Warsaw. He is active as a freelance composer based in Norway and plays electric guitar in the Gothenburg-based hardcore punk band RONÖM. He writes cold, heavy and often extremely loud music mainly for acoustic ensembles, combining his love of punk, contemporary music and older classical music.

Ruslahaugur is Icelandic for trash pile, rubbish heap etc. As the title suggests, we’ve taken a piano and filled it with trash. More specifically, an old out-of-tune piano, filled with various things found around Skeljanes and Post-húsið. Rusty pipes, metal pieces, cans, tools etc. all play their part in turning the piano into something closer to a ‘keyboard noise machine’. Throw in some amplification and distortion into the mix and you’ve got a recipe for a lovely evening.

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