Rosanna Gunnarson

Rosanna Gunnarson (1992) is a composer and sound artist based in Stockholm, Sweden. She has a bachelor’s degree in western art music from the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, where she studied with professor Pär Lindgren and composer Marie Samuelsson. Rosanna is a freelancer since 2016 within the spectrum of art music, sound art, theatre, dance, and visual media. Notable works include a sound installation at Stockholm Arlanda Airport (2018), a sound sculpture in Lidköping City Park (2019), as well as various notated works for ensembles and musicians (Norrbotten Neo, Duo Kondens, Stockholm saxophone quartet, Elefantöra, etc). Many of her works use natural phenomenons, movement, and processes as inspiration and sounding material.

It all started with a feeling I got, just walking around, that I really don’t know much about the ground I am walking on. Fast forward a couple of months - more research, more thinking - I got my mind set on doing a series of works around the subject of different ground materials, and geohazards occurring in Northern Europe. Mass wastings (landslides), floods, avalanches, and erosion. This is the first piece in this project and it concentrates on soil erosion, a major issue of concern for Ice- land (both in historical and present times). I won’t linger on the scientific side of things, since it’s mainly a starting point for my work, and I am not a scientist. So I will just say that this piece is a mixture of my first initial feeling (what is underneath my feet? why do I take it for granted?) and months of research into the subject of erosion.
A major thank you to Ólafur Arnalds, the Soil conservation service of Iceland, especially Arna Björk Þorsteinsdóttir, Gunnhildur Hauksdóttir, and of course UNM Iceland/Sweden.

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