Olli Ketonen

Olli Ketonen is an audio designer, media artist and musician specialising in interactive and generative soundscapes. Ketonen works with audio-focused programming languages like SuperCollider, combining different controllers and sensor technology with highly dynamic audio experiences.
Born in Kerava, Finland in 1993, Ketonen started his sonic journey with classical cello at age 7. After getting his high school diploma, he studied Music Technology and Pedagogy at Tampere Music Academy and later in Sound in New Media at Aalto University School of Arts, where he graduated in 2021. Now as a Master of Arts, Ketonen works as a sound designer and composer for interactive media from video games to interactive data sculptures.
Some of Ketonen’s latest work includes GATE-WAY (2020), a sound installation utilizing precise hand tracking technology to explore an invisible dimension of sound, and the Pulse of Tripla (2021), which uses sonification methods to publicly exhibit air quality data in a musical form.

BALANCE (2022) is a piece exploring the concept of seeking an equilibrium between opposing forces, ideas and concepts appearing in the world. Built around the complex physical balancing system of the human body, this performance provides a generative audio experience where instead of a computer, the outcome of the electronic piece is controlled by an intricate biological machine.
BALANCE is a collaborative piece with a dancer and sound controller. Balancing on one leg and their eyes closed, the dancer has a goal to keep (or not to keep) their balance, while the sound controller acts as a sonic translator for the process. Throughout the piece the dancer and sound controller are interlocked in an intense state of voluntary and involuntary coordination, anticipating and analyzing each others’ actions; one with their eyes and the other with only their sense of balance.
BALANCE is a joint performance with dance artist Yelena Arakelow.

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