Katarzyna Maria Wieczorek

Katarzyna Maria Wieczorek is a Polish-Norwegian composer and sound designer, based in Trondheim, Norway. Wieczorek has a musicology & music technology background from NTNU, Trondheim. Since 2020 she works with music both for herself and others and often collaborates interdisciplinary with visual artists and dancers. In 2021 she start- ed developing the collective project Brainfeels - a project which visualizes and conveys different mental states.
Wieczorek often uses alternative ways of connecting data with music, and experiments with timbre and scales. She also works with field recordings, programming and blending various instruments with noise. Her music is often described as a film soundtrack and her goal often is to provide a space where listeners find themself comfortable and free to experience emotions. Wieczorek’s way of working often includes improvisation with synths and vocals, and oscillating between technology and folk music traditions. With her work, she tries to build a bridge between the new technology and the storytelling using raw material and acoustic instruments and voices

My mind is on the run, my body wants to follow.
I can no longer hide,
I need to stay focused.
My mind is on the run, my body wants to follow.
Where do I end up this time,
New border, should I cross it?

It was never about you.
It was never about me.

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