Hermod Ringset Bentsen

Hermod Ringset Bentsen (1996) is a master’s student in composition at the Norwegian Academy of Music. He received his bachelor’s degree in composition from the Academy of Music in Norway and the Univeristät der Künste in Berlin. He has studied with François Sarhan, Trond Reinholdtsen, Rolf Wallin, Prof. Asbjørn Schaatun, Prof. Henrik Hellstenius, Prof. Daniel Ott and Rune Rebne.
He creates instrumental music, electroacoustic music and interdisciplinary expressions. He is trained since early age in both classical and jazz piano with teachers at Barratt Due music institute and the Norwegian Academy of Music among others. In addition, he is interested in other art forms, algorithmic composition methods and philosophical, psychological and neuroscientific perspectives on art and music

Like that of memories and ideas, shadows and sound inhere a transfigurable and intangible quality. A shadow shows us only the contour, it does not give us all the information about the object that casts it. Neither is it always clear what and how many sources caused the shadow. The vagueness of shadows can lead us to a freer interpretation and exploration of relationships between that which we are facing, than when looking at the actual source(s). The same can be said about hearing a sound without seeing the sound source. For me, this piece and the work during the residency have become an exploration of relationships. Relationships between sound and sound source, between performers and objects, between the clear and the vague and so on. Maybe what really interests me here is the relationship between physical reality and our minds. We are not simply observers. Our subjective reality is a «co·struction».

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