Eetu Palomäki

Eetu Palomäki is a 29-year-old artist from Helsinki who works in the visual arts, performing arts, sound and music.
Palomäki is currently doing his masters in the Fine Arts Academy, Helsinki and has also studied as an Erasmus student at Iceland University of Arts (2020). Before moving to Fine Arts, he graduated as a pianist from the Pop & Jazz Conservatory in Helsinki and studied music at Metropolia University, Helsinki.
Palomäki’s recent focus has been on sound arts and visual arts, while also working collaboratively in theatre, dance and performance. He also works as an electronic musician, pianist and composer, and has been performing in groups and solo in Finland, Italy, Japan, Estonia and Russia.
Palomäki highlights and shapes the relationships between auditory, visual and spatial materials and combines the visceral and conceptual in his art. His works consist of various processes of translating, essentialising and recontextualising, and form dialogues of intuition, listening and sensitisation to the materials being processed, as well as philosophical and aesthetic structuring.

Ebb and Flow is a fantasy inside Grótta Lighthouse. It’s only accessible during low tide when the ocean makes a way to walk into the island where the lighthouse is situated. Inside the lighthouse, there is dense fog and a multichannel sound installation built with layered breathing sounds that reverberate in the acoustically unique environment.

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