Aino Tenkanen

I’m a 30-year-old composer and idealist from Finland who strongly believes that good music creates meaning and empathy for the world. I graduated from the Sibelius Academy a few years ago with a Master of Music Composition and have also studied composition at The Royal Conservatory of the Hague and at The Turku Arts Academy. As a teenager, I was planning to become a writer, but composing intrigued me because of its more social nature. My pieces have been played by the Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra, The Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra and ICE Ensemble (NYC). Besides being a freelance composer I work part-time as a music theory and composition teacher and do voluntary such as working on the Finnish UNM board. I’m always up for a conversation about tonight’s concert, human behavioural patterns, or the best coffee shop in town – let’s meet!

Inner Circle (2021) is about the social evolution of groups. At the beginning of the piece the string quartet represents “Inner Circle” with complex contemporary sounding music and the other ensemble represents “Outer Circle” with a more relaxed jazzy atmosphere. Throughout the piece, these two groups interact with each other and are bringing musical influences to each other. Interaction also happens on a physical level, some performers are changing places during and in be- tween the parts. The piece was commissioned and premiered by the RSPO’s Academy in April 2021.

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