Agita Reke

Agita Reke is a Latvian electroacoustic composer. She finished her BA at Jazeps Vitols Latvian Academy of Music, after continuing electroacoustic composition studies at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre and Berlin University of Arts.

Agita has collaborated with professional ensembles like Multilatérale (FR), Fractales (BE), Ensemble for New Music Tallinn (EE), Names (DE), Art-i-Shock (LV), and Latvian Radio Choir with conductor Kaspars Putnins. She has developed her compositional skills in different workshops, in Latvia, Germany, and Austria with composers like Yann Robin, Francesco Filidei, Johannes Maria Staud, Mark Andre, Janis Petraskevics, Ruta Paidere, Dimitris Maronidis, Gundega Smite, Andris Dzenitis, and Rolands Kronlaks.

Agita’s focus is on electroacoustic and multimedia projects, working as both composer and performer for her own works. She has notably worked in the field of art performances, for example, creating a sonic landscape tailored for a poetry event and sound design for an art exhibition and film. In September 2021 she was a participant at Venice Biennale, College Musica as an experimental performer. Earlier she was also a member of an electroacoustic experimental project/ group Systema Solaris (LV) which includes organ, cello, electronics, and different kinds of noise/ percussion instruments. Agita is a member of the electronic duo FlowerPower.


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